In this article, we’ll discuss what is calisthenics, what exercises it involves, and why it’s needed.

About Calisthenics

Well, what is calisthenics? Calisthenics is a holistic system of strength training with your own body weight, which helps to develop strength, endurance and simply look harmonious. Calisthenics arose from a combination of Greek words defining two timeless values: beauty (kallos) and strength (sthentos).

For such a workout you do not need any super-exercise equipment, gym memberships, for the development of a harmonious body you need only a sports ground with bars. Or even just a flat space. Since these workouts take place outdoors, calisthenics is often called Street Workout. This type of workout is gaining popularity, because it is affordable and does not require much money.

It is believed that Spartan warriors and gladiators used this very training. But then it was forgotten. More recently, calisthenics has begun to revive, as people have come to realize that they can exercise without equipment and serious equipment, just with their own weight.

Calisthenics exercises are very good for the human body, strengthening muscles, improving coordination.

Training consists of both dynamic and static exercises, so the muscle fibers develop both slow and fast. That is why such athletes, have strong arms, strong back, developed pecs and core muscles.

Calisthenics harmoniously develops the body, performing many exercises that involve several groups of muscles, in addition to the muscles are well developed ligaments and joints.

Famous people in calisthenics

There are now many different videos, guides about the sport of calisthenics on the internet, many famous athletes such as:

  • Chris Heria,
  • Michael Vasquez,
  • Igor Kovtun.

Thanks to them, the training system has reached a new level.

Chris Heria
Chris Heria

There are also such serious athletes as Frank Medrano, Brandon Myers, Hanibal King.

Basic exercises

The movements in the training always have a multi-component form – they involve many muscles and develop the body as a whole. Together with the muscles, ligaments, joints and the nervous system are strengthened, so that the body develops harmoniously and comprehensively.

For this purpose, a training program is developed, which includes 3 main aspects:

  1. what to train,
  2. how to train,
  3. how often to train.

Since every body is individual, there is no universal system of exercises. You should not expect quick results from calisthenics, it will come in about 3 months. Tangible changes will be visible from 6 months to 1 year. Regular performance of calisthenics exercises can give you a strong, beautiful and harmonious body.

Some of the best calisthenics exercises are…


Exercises on the bar. Pulling up on the bar is considered essential for pumping the back and arm muscles. Grasp the bar at 1.5 shoulder widths. You should be at such a height that your feet don’t touch the ground in the overhang.

Pull your shoulder blades down and push your chest up until your beard is above the bar. Then return to the starting position. As you pull yourself up, exhale while lowering yourself in.


Place your hands 1.5 shoulder widths apart at chest level. Keep your hips in a straight line. Bend your arms at the elbows until your nose touches the floor. Then return to the starting position, all the while keeping your hips straight. Lowering down, take a breath in, pushing up an exhale.


These exercises are very good for strengthening the triceps, chest and bark muscles. You can do them both dynamically and statically. You can use stable supports on the playground or at home for this exercise.

Grasp the support, palms facing outward. Press your feet up so that they do not touch the ground and lift up, straightening your arms. Take in the air and lower yourself in a smooth motion until you feel tension in your shoulders.

Lift the legs to the crossbar

This way you can pump the abs and the serratus muscles.


A whole complex that consists of push-ups, frogs, and jumping jacks. A very effective and deadly exercise that will increase your stamina at times.

Exercises with tires

In calisthenics it is allowed to use high boxes or tires, primarily for jumping in. But a tire can also be used by flipping it or hitting it with a tire, thereby improving endurance and developing several muscle groups.

Exercises with fitness bands

With these simple tools you can not only strengthen your muscles, but also use them for stretching.

Exercises aim to develop endurance, strength, coordination, dexterity, and a sense of balance.

In order to see the results of the workouts, one condition is necessary: increase the load. Each workout should be regularly made more difficult, increasing the number of repetitions or adding new ones, forcing the muscles to work more intensively.

When one of the exercises ceases to be difficult, it is worth trying its modified version, for example, replacing the classic push-ups with push-ups on one hand or with clapping.

Basic Exercises by Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano
Frank Medrano
  1. Consists in first doing a normal pull-up and then at the top point pushing upwards from the chinning bar with a jerk.
  2. Dips. Exercise improves strength, builds the muscles in the back and triceps.
  3. Pull-ups. Here it is important to pull yourself up completely and down completely. This exercise trains not only your back and arms, but also your abs.
  4. Dragonfly. Lying with your back on the bench, you should put your arms around the edge of the bench behind your head. The body should be completely lifted up and lowered without touching the ground.
  5. Sprint Cardio Exercise. Fast jogging for 15 seconds with alternating rests of 30 seconds. The whole workout is performed in 12 minutes.

There are so many more exercises, and here we have the most basic ones. And on the playground you can do whatever you want, depending on how well equipped the playground is.

Calisthenics is a sport which does not require a lot of time, you do not need to go to the gym, all you need is a sports ground or a horizontal bar at home, and the desire.

So, to build the body of your dreams, to make it strong and functional, it is enough to do calisthenics, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and the result will not make you wait long.

What does training give?

Calisthenics develops all the muscles. By training with your own body weight, you simultaneously engage several muscles, strengthening your legs and glutes, abdomen, back and chest, as well as your shoulders.

Exercises of this type are also great for the core, that is, the muscles that are the pivot for our figure, holding it upright. The stronger they are, the more stress they can withstand.

This form of training also improves our overall movement coordination. This is because calisthenics exercises are close to the natural movements we do every day. Strong muscles and a strengthened “core” make us move more nimbly and maintain an upright posture more easily.

The results of training can be noticed in a month, the body will strengthen, legs will become slimmer, and the outline of muscles will appear on the abdomen. Regular physical activity will also affect your mood, boost your confidence and improve your well-being. If you’re still wondering if you should try calisthenics, do it now. These exercises are safer than training with weights at the gym, and they don’t strain your joints or tendons.


Calisthenics – physical exercises with your own weight – push-ups, squats, pull-ups, bars, etc. The ancient Spartans built their strength through it. Calisthenics can be practiced anywhere you want – in the gym, outdoors or at home. Calisthenics can be done by people of all ages and genders.

Their regular performance gives quick and noticeable results: strengthens the muscles of the whole body, slims the figure, reduces posture defects and back pain, as well as develops balance and coordination of movements.

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