High Knees

Description: The glutes are the main muscles targeted by this exercise. No equipment is required for this exercise.

Level: Easy

Exercise Pros: Exercise is good for legs, hips, priests, abdomen and abs.

Exercise Equipment: No

How to do the exercise

Follow the steps below to perform the exercise correctly.:

  1. Stand on a flat surface and start running in place
  2. Next, we raise the knees high enough, but to make it comfortable – approximately the knees rise to the level of the hips
  3. Keep your core tight by supporting your back
  4. In the advanced version, keep your hands above your knees and try to touch your knees to your palms and make sure that your knees go up to your hands and your hands go down to your knees
  5. Repeat the exercise alternately with the left and right legs

Exercise variations

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